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Now is your chance to eliminate any doubts or questions you may have about your marketing strategy. We’ll take a critical look at your strategy and help you identify weaknesses and opportunities.

Our Assessment will include the following:
  1. A review of your current marketing performance: We’ll take a detailed look at your business to see how well you’re doing online. This includes a complete review of your website and your social media presence.
  2. A review of your keyword rankings and potential opportunities: Where and what you rank for is critical to your success. We dive into keyword analytics and identify opportunities where your business can excel.
  3. A review of your key marketing metrics to identify potential problems/opportunities: Backed by the data, we locate opportunities where your business can exceed.
  4. Industry benchmarking and competitor analysis: Where you can’t cast an eye over your competitors, we can. As part of your assessment, we’ll pull your competitor’s metrics and see how they fare against your business.
  5. Strategic direction to improved traffic and conversion rates: It’s time to move your business in the right direction. We provide strategic direction on how you can improve traffic and increase your overall conversion rates.
  6. A digital marketing strategy: Finally, discover the benefits of a fully-integrated digital marketing strategy and the growth opportunities it can present your business. We will provide you with an overarching strategy for success which includes goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics that you can use to coordinate and align resources and actions with the mission, values, and vision of your organization.

There is absolutely no obligation, and you’ll walk away with a clear plan to optimize your marketing, refine your strategy, and increase business. This comprehensive assessment is valued at $2,500, so don’t pass up this limited-time opportunity.